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One child

Our children need help, and we need yours.  Do you know a child that has experienced physical or sexual abuse, or any other sort of trauma that is in need of a task trained service dog?  

One dog

We rely on donations from very special, responsible dog breeders as well as local rescue organizations with a high level of temperament screening. 

One day at a time

Healing takes time, and service dogs need training.  Our beneficiaries commit to 2 years of training classes to ensure that each dog & child team is successful. 

Help us to empower our youth and take back their lives...

"Empowering our youth to take back their lives, one child, one dog, one day at a time."

About Service Dogs for Kids

Here at Service Dogs for Kids, we aim to provide training for a psychiatric service dog to a child that has suffered sexual abuse and/or undergone any sort of trauma that results in a diagnosis of PTSD, severe depression and/or self-harm.

By creating Service Dogs for Kids, we hope to raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse, child abuse, and childhood trauma as well as the long term effects that abuse has. We want to normalize speaking out and empower our children by giving them the best chance at life after trauma with a service dog by their side.

Image by Nathan Hanna

What is a Psychiatric Service Dog?

"Psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) are dogs that are specially trained to work with people who have certain kinds of mental illnesses or learning disabilities. These dogs can help their owners perform tasks that they otherwise might not be able to do or help them to live a more independent lifestyle." (source)


Established 501c3 since 2020

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