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Empowering our youth to take back their lives, one child, one dog, one day at a time. Here at Service Dogs for Kids, we aim to provide training for psychiatric service dogs to a children who have suffered sexual abuse and/or undergone any sort of trauma that results in a diagnosis of PTSD, severe depression and/or self-harm.
By creating Service Dogs for Kids, we hope to raise awareness of both childhood sexual abuse and child abuse as well as the long term effects they have. We hope to normalize speaking out and empowering our children, giving them the best chance at life after trauma with a service dog by their side.

Our Founders

Hi, we're Jason and Angelina. We have been married for 8 years, but have spent the last 11 years of our lives together. We share 4 beautiful children and are both proud to say we have served in the Navy. We are extremely passionate about breaking the silence and taking the shame off of the survivor. Here at Service Dogs for Kids, we want every child we help to leave feeling empowered, and loved.

Our Board

Sarah Irwin

Interim President 

Jana Evans

Vice President

Donald Henderson


Darla Henderson

Chief Financial Officer

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