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The Answers You Need

Simply put - No. Unfortunately we can not cater to every persons request to a certain breeder. We work very hard to find a dog that will meet the families needs, and will provide a dog that meets those needs regardless of breed.

Please remember that we are a non-profit that runs solely from donations.

Can a client chose their own breeder?

Service Dogs for Kids retains the right to ask about other animals in the home. If a potential client does have other animals we will keep the best interest of the potential SD in mind. Meaning, other animals in the home will have to be spayed or neutered. They will have to able to get along and not disturb the training of the potential SD.

If I have my own pet, will that affect the chances of us getting a service dog?

Unfortunately there is a possibility the dog could wash. SDK can not be held responsible for this, however, if it does happen SDK will regain possession of the dog and find it a suitable loving home. We can not provide another dog to the client after this happens.

What happens if the dog provided by SDK washes?

SDK will retain ownership of the dog until it has graduated from our program. If during this period the client can no longer or no longer wants the dog, it MUST be returned to SDK. If it happens after the dog graduates we kindly ask that if the dog is rehoused SDK is informed and can take part in the rehoming process. We also ask that if client is asking for a rehoming fee that they donate at LEAST half of the rehoming fee to SDK.

*Unless breeder contract states differently.

If I am provided a dog by SDK, and then I can no longer care for the dog, or no longer want it, what happens?

The client will be the legal owner of the dog because they purchased the dog. SDK will NOT pay for a dog if client requests a certain breeder.

If a client choses their own breeder, who is legally the owner of the dog?

If SDK provides the dog for the client then SDK retains ownership of the dog until they have graduated our program

Who retains the ownership of the dog, and until when?

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