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The Answers You Need

You are responsible for procuring your own dog, so you may choose whatever breeder you wish. However, we do have to do temperament testing on all Service Dog Prospects before we accept into our program, so we STRONGLY advise the you include us in the purchasing process of your dog. We are not liable if you purchase a dog with the intent of training as a Service Dog and it does not pass our temperament testing specifications. 

Can a client chose their own breeder?

Service Dogs for Kids retains the right to ask about other animals in the home. If a potential client does have other animals we will keep the best interest of the potential SD in mind. Meaning, other animals in the home will have to be spayed or neutered, and they must not cause a direct threat to  the potential SD and must not disturb the training of the potential SD.

If I have multiple animals, will that affect the chances of us getting one trained as a Psychiatric Service Dog?

This is considered a "wash" . If at any point the trainer deems your dog a wash, they will let you know. We will not be able to provide a second contract at that  

What happens if the dog does not pass SD training?

SDK will do its best to help on a case by case basis. If the need arrises for financial help please message us and will discuss further.

What happens if my potential SD, ESA or Therapy Dog gets sick? Will SDK help?

The client will be the legal owner of the dog and MUST follow all breeder contract expectations.

If a client procures a dog from a trainer and the dog fails training?

SDK will provide a graduation certificate from our programs. This is not a certification for any of our services. Service Dogs are not registered. You will be responsible for all necessary insurance, and coverages. 

What is provided at "Graduation"?

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