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Things you should know when applying for a PSD

Service Dogs for Kids will assist families in finding the right dog from foster based rescue organizations, and breeders for our Psychiatric Service Dog program. It is up to the family to financially obtain the dog after SDK evaluates for correct temperament. 
SDK will no longer 
provide a dog for the families in our program.

Application & Wait Time

Once your application is complete, a representative from Service Dogs for Kids will reach out to you to confirm your information. Approval of application may take anywhere from 1-5 months, depending on families status of owning a suitable dog. Training will not start until the commitment deposit is paid in full 

Your Costs

Application Fee - $75 (non-refundable)

Commitment Deposit- Ranging from $525-$1000 (returned upon completion of training)

Once your application is approved, the family obtains a suitable dog, and pays their commitment deposit SDK will pay for the Psychiatric Service Dog training, Emotional Support Dog Training or Therapy Dog Training. 

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