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Donating money to an organization is a very personal decision and we do not feel that this decision should be pressured or influenced.  Let your heart lead you in choosing a donation amount that is right for your budget. We have  some donation packages below that you may feel led to purchase.

Sponsorship Options

Sponsor a Team


Many of our beneficiaries require full scholarships. This means that not only do we purchase a dog for them, but we aid in covering the costs of their 2-3 years of training. The monthly tuition for a typical child & dog team is approximately $400. Our monthly "Sponsor a Team" option starts at $75/mo and is a subscription-style donation package. $75/mo pays for two training classes (teams must participate in a minimum of 2 classes per month) for a team.

Puppy Purchase


We strive to match each child and their family with a dog that fits their needs. We work with responsible dog breeders and rescues to procure the perfect prospects. Each and every prospect is evaluated by our trainers before a purchase is made. The costs of puppy or dog prospects that are suitable for our training curriculum ranges from $1,000 - $8,000.

Training Scholarship


The cost of task training a service dog to completion ranges from $3500-$15,000 depending on the number of years it takes for the dog & handler team to graduate. After obtaining a service dog prospect, hiring a suitable trainer is the most crucial part of this process. We cover 100% of the training tuition fees for our beneficiaries that qualify.

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